Thursday, December 3, 2009

Garcia Family and Baby

A couple months ago Michael asked me to take a few photos of their baby girl. I had no clue this girl would be SO cute! (almost competes with my 4 ;o) We had a great time in the park, and they were an amazing family to get to know!

Some Scenics...

On our trip back from Texas I got this shot of the sky and road. I love the colors! The two field shots were taken just down the road from our church. We really do live in a beautiful place...if you just look past all the ugliness! ;o)

Kristie's New Baby!

Just a couple weeks after the new baby was born, I got the chance to make it back over to the Riester's house to photograph the new bundle of joy. This baby girl is so petite! It's amazing to see God's beautiful ways of creation!

Kristie's Pregnancy Shoot

Kristie asked me to come over to her and her husband's house to document the amazing thing that is pregnancy. We got to spend some time together and get to know each other better, and came out with some great pics.